2022 | Telkomsel Awarding Night

Awarding Night and Gala Dinner

Date: October, 25th 2022
Where: La Salle de Versailles c/o Victoria Jungfrau Hotel, Interlaken
Client: Telkomsel, Indonesia’s leading Telecommunications company
Participants: 122 Top Manager


On October 25th, Telkomsel, Indonesia’s leading Telecommunications company, once again relied on Atelier Esse to organize a Gala Dinner to celebrate the awards night for its top sellers.

This year, Switzerland was chosen as the host country and specifically the prestigious Salle de Versailles of the Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau in Interlaken, a charming Swiss town located between 2 beautiful lakes at the foot of Jungfrau Mountain.

The Gala Dinner, elegant and full of charm, has been embellished by a combination of entertainment. A typical Swiss folk group of great talent composed of several artists including yodel singer, accordion players, alphorn players, double bass and flag throwers; and a talented and original Italian duo capable of blending pop music and opera in a mix of great vocals that made everything really spectacular.

The typical Swiss atmosphere and the setting composed of light play and engaging music, set the tone for a magical evening.

Once again, Atelier Esse stood out for its high level of professionalism, garnering warm compliments from all participants impressed by the perfect organization and attention to every single detail.


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