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Training online conference

Date: 06 November 2021

Where: GotoMeeting

Client: Arigrafmilano

Participants: 10 speakers and 50 participants

Atelier Esse managed again the organisational part of an Online Conference of Arigrafmilano.
After contacting the individual speakers and organising the schedule of their speeches, we took care of the communication and diffusion of the event through social platforms and the several mailing lists, in order to ensure maximum participation.

Given the success of the previous conference, the external technical service was reconfirmed, which once again ensured the perfect connection between speakers and participants.

Another success for Arigrafmilano, confirmed by the many positive messages received by the Organising Secretary.


Virtual Road Show

Date: 27 September 2021

Where: Zoom Meeting

Client: Triumph International Rome S.p.A

Participants: 10 Top Managers and 50 B2B Clients

Given the success of the previous event, we were once again contacted by Triumph Italia for the launch of the new Triumph and Sloggi Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

The aim of the event was to present the Company’s new products to all their B2B customers in Italy and to introduce them the new purchasing platform.

Given the pandemic situation, it wasn’t possible to organise the event in person as in the past, so it was decided to transform it into a digital format to allow everyone to participate in total safety.
We contacted a supplier who is an expert in the management and creation of virtual events, and together we built the project.

After choosing the most suitable platform, together with the client we worked on the graphics and formats of the speakers’ presentations, to make everything more attractive and dynamic.

Even for online events, the role of the Event Organiser is essential to ensure their success, as it is crucial to have excellent coordination between the Client, Participants and Technical Service.


Motivational Speaker for online event

Date: 13 January 2021

Where: Microsoft Teams Meeting

Client: Triumph International Rome S.p.A

Participants: 70 people as Managers and employees of sales departments


Triumph Italy contacted us to find the perfect entertainment for their event to launch and present new products, event reserved to the sales departments.

The goals were to motivate the team, giving them the energy for the new year and help the sales departments to overcome unforeseen and troubles, freeing from mental barriers, and encouraging them to face the change in a positive way, not by suffering but by making it as success.

For these reasons we selected and proposed to the company some motivational speakers, perfect for this role.

The choice fell on an Italian Olympic champion, with an incredible internationally recognized career, who for several years now has become an excellent motivational speaker.

Through the story of his long experience and his personal accidents on the track, the athlete was able to stimulate and encourage all the participants, sharing positivity and optimism.

At the end of the speech, the participants were able to interact directly with the host who answered the many questions and curiosities, creating a very pleasant atmosphere.

The amazement and joy of the participants, even if seen from a webcam, showed that it’s possible to create engagement and excitement even with digital events. 


Educational online conference 

Date: 06 February 2021

Where: GotoMeeting

Client: Arigrafmilano

Participants: 10 speakers and 40 participants


Atelier Esse took care of the organization of the first online conference of Arigrafmilano, an association of graphological research, which in the last year had to do all its training remotely.

After drawing up the programme, we took care of the conference’s advertising and circulation, in order to reach a larger number of participants.

We worked with an external supplier, who manage the technical and digital part of the conference, to ensure the perfect success and to avoid technical problems during the live event.

The success achieved and the very positive comments from the participants confirmed that even through a digital event you can create emotion, interest and engagement.

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