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BPER Bank Group Private Experience – Networking event for Bankers & Clients 

Date: 29 March – 20 April
Where: Genova, Italy
Client: BPER Bank Group
Participants: 50/60 Guests among Bankers and Top Clients


The 29 March took place the first event with BPER Bank, to connect 50 people between Bankers and Top Clients with an exclusive private experience in Genova. 

After a training session at the Bank’s headquarters, all the Guests, divided in 2 groups, started the guided tour to discover the hidden Genova, the secrets covert in the great monuments and unpublished aspects of the city’s history.

The qualified Tour Leaders ended the tour at Palazzo Imperiale, where a Cooking Show was waiting for them to illustrate how make the best Pesto with a specific technique, called “al mortaio”. 

The only way to end a unique experience like this is with a Ligurian dinner at the Restaurant “Les Rouge”, located at the main floor of Palazzo Imperiale.


The events for the BPER Bank Group continue, with the aim of strengthening the ties between Bankers and Customers through unique and unforgettable experiences.

The training session was organized inside the majestic meeting room of the Palazzo della #Borsa, an incredible example of Art Nouveau architecture built with pompous and celebratory intentions to underline the importance of the Genoese financial structure.

Once the training was over, the Guests split into two groups to embark on a guided tour to discover fascinating and entertaining stories of Genoa’s most important historical buildings, such as Palazzo Rollavicino, now home to the Chamber of Commerce.

The last stop on this incredible tour was Palazzo Lomellino, where Guests were welcomed by a mysterious character who, in the secret garden, told the anecdotes hidden inside the palace. 

The day ended with a delicious Genoese Standing Dinner at the creative space Maddalive, inside the dungeons of Palazzo Cattaneo Adorno.

For the next event we will change region, but will soon be back in Liguria with another group, again from BPER Bank.

Date: 31st May – 06th June

Where: Sassuolo and Zoagli, Italy

Client: BPER Bank Group

Participants: 50/80 Guests among Bankers and Top Clients



On 31st of May took place the third event at Castle of Spezzano, connected 80 people between Bankers and Top Clients.

For the training session we’ve chosen the Vedute’s Hall, a frescoed hall around 1596 by Cesare Baglione.

After a training session the Guests divided in 2 groups for the guided private experiences inside of the Castle to discover 2 important products of this area: the ceramics Museum and the vinegar Cellar of the Castle with tasting.

The Ceramics Museum narrates the story of the ceramic production in the area, instead the Vinegar Vellar, inaugurated in 2008, it houses three batteries of barrels for the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena dop: one active since 1986.

The day ended with a delicious Standing Dinner at Ala Est Hall of the Castle with Emilian flavors.

For the next event will return to Liguria, stay connected with Atelier Esse to find out what we’ve organized!


The fourth event for BPER Banca has just concluded at the Canevaro di Zoagli Castle, perched on a rocky spur jutting out into the center of the Tigullio Gulf with the sea surrounding it on three sides and a three-hectare park.

The event was attended by 50 Guests including Bankers and Top Clients.

The training session took place in the Castle’s Inner Halls embellished by a gallery of oil portraits of the Duke’s ancestors.

At the end, a private tour of the Castle led by Duchess Delfina Canevaro, the Duke’s daughter, and her grandson Vieri.

Thanks to them, Guests were able to relive the magic of the Castle and hear anecdotes and curiosities.

The day ended with a dinner organized in the Castle’s huge park and enlivened by delightful background music.

For the next BPER event we will adjourn after the summer.

Fifth Event

Date: 12 September

Where: Milano Marittima, Italy

Client: BPER Bank Group

Participants: 90 Guests among Bankers and Top Clients


On September 12 at Marepineta Resort in Milano Marittima, the flagship of the Romagna Riviera, our first event, after the summer break, was held for BPER Bank with the presence of 90 guests including Bankers and Top Clients.

After a training session, all participants, began an exclusive guided tour among the Works of Park Eun Sun, a famous Korean artist, hosted inside the Resort’s garden.

At the end, a rich aperitif at the Beach Club, overlooking the sea, welcomed the guests, who were very satisfied with the whole experience.

Stay in touch with Atelier Esse to find out the next destination!

Sixth Event

Date: 18 October 2023

Where: Brescia, Italy

Client: BPER Bank Group

Participants: 90 Guests among Bankers and Top Clients


Here is the last event of this year organized for Bper Banca.

On Wednesday 18 October, 90 guests including Bankers and Top Clients gathered at the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia.

The engaging atmosphere of the Museum, completely different from other car museums in Italy, embraced guests in the history of a “myth”, a living testimony of a splendid sporting period.

The training session ended with a guided tour of the Museum and a delicious Cocktail – Dinner in the Gallery Room.

Once again, we received very positive feedback from guests and compliments from all Bper managers.

With much joy and satisfaction, we are now already planning Bper events for next year.

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