2020 | 55th Anniversary of Erela Group – Gala dinner

55th Anniversary of Erela Group – Gala dinner COPERTINA
  • DATE: 22nd February 2020
  • WHERE: Venezia Heritage Tower – Mestre
  • CLIENT: Erela – Indonesia Pharmaceutical Company
  • PARTECIPANTS: 80 managers and sales staff

On Saturday 22 February, the gala dinner to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the Erela Group, an Indonesian pharmaceutical company, was held in the Heritage Tower in Mestre.

Atelier Esse, for the fourth consecutive year in collaboration with Astrindo Travel, was tasked with organizing the evening, coordinating the logistics and selection of top suppliers to ensure the event’s success. The guests, 80 managers and sales staff, were welcomed on their arrival by the Dixi Frixi multi-instrumentalist improvisation group, which created a lively atmosphere with songs and dances, perfect for a cheerful pre-dinner drinks. There were many social moments in front of the photowall, which featured a display of Venetian masks used by customers in the course of the evening.

The gala dinner was held on the top floor of the 60-metre high Heritage Tower, which offers a breath-taking 360° view over Venice. The centre of the room was dominated by a custom-designed stage and an over 7-metre backdrop. This space was made even more impressive by continuous light effects that ushered in the series of VIPs who went up on stage.

Operapop, an operatic pop duo from Le Marche, delighted guests with classic Italian songs and opera pieces, as well as a special version of “Happy Birthday” that accompanied the multi-layered cake’s entrance into the room.

Abundant positive feedback, customers’ smiles and appreciative messages after the event rewarded the hard work and extensive preparation that kept us busy for almost 9 months.


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