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6 May 2020

The importance of choosing the right staff for a successful event

In the previous article we explained how it is crucial to choose the right partners in order to effectively organize an event, anticipating our next topic: choosing staff. While deciding on partners […]
28 April 2020
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The importance of choosing the right suppliers for a successful event

When organising an event, you have to take into account many elements that are key to its success and that often contribute to the challenging, delicate process of building customer loyalty. The […]
22 April 2020
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Digital events? Yes, because Atelier Esse is embracing the world of web-based events

For over 25 years we have organized events in which technology and human relationships have always merged into a single framework, creating an exciting atmosphere that lingers and leaves participants with an […]
15 April 2020
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Who is behind an Event?

On one of the last days when it was still possible to go out, I went to my usual café during my lunch break, a small place in the Central Station area […]
2 April 2020
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Quarantine can turn into an opportunity

We chose Milan as our starting point back in 1996, when the internet, social media and emails were still light years away and we had to earn our reputation by meeting people […]
2 April 2020
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Atelier Esse introduces itself

Ever wondered who is behind Atelier Esse? Who you are communicating with via e-mail and social media? We would like to introduce the team! Because it is important to put a face […]
2 April 2020
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Renewal through continuation , new Atelier Esse logo

A few days ago we published a short article with some tips on how to take advantage of this period of #smartworking linked to #coronavirus. These included suggestions to “resume old projects […]
31 March 2020

Press Release – The new Atelier Esse Blog

Dear Partners, Customers, Friends and Colleagues, Atelier Esse is continuing its process of renewal by successfully leveraging one of the skills that it has acquired over the years: communication. On our website […]